Friday, March 18, 2011

Matt McNormal

Matt McNormal was a such relief. I'm no longer foolish enough to commit to dinner on a blind date, so we met for a drink.
First impression: great posture, perfect teeth, tall&trim but not lanky, not a whiff of cologne and a little bit of a country boy drawl.
We both ordered the Ultimate Margarita. He takes his rim unsalted. We blabbed for three hours over that one drink. (side note: I'm such a lightweight that half-way through the night I actually drooled on myself a little, but I don't think he caught it... I'm a complete disaster)
As we left he didn't ask for my phone number or another date. I chalked it up to a lack of chemistry (or the drool bomb) and wasn't that disappointed. Sure, we had a lot in common, and time zipped by, but I wasn't dying to jump the table.
Next day I had a very polite email from him: he had a great time, would like to take me out again.
:: Another order of Matt McNormal coming right up ::

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  1. Fries with that drool bomb? I want me some of that Ult. Marg...bring it!