Friday, March 18, 2011

come again??

eharmony got shut down immediately following a conversation with a "spiritual" jewish lad who loves yoga, sushi and rugby. we exchanged a few emails. most were about normal things: music, yoga, fav vacation spots. then he hit me with a left cross, "yeah, i like pilates, too. if we start dating i'm going to take a few liberties with your pilates butt."
what say WHAT

first bahrain brian now this?
i need to take a bah-reather


  1. Bah-reather.....write a fuckin book and make three zillion. PLEASE! ha ha ha 'take a few liberties with your pilates butt'....amazing, lambo! amazing.

  2. keep dating. at least you have writing. wiiiiink. you are a great writer. and talker. i miss you.