Thursday, May 26, 2011

i hate this part

So, I'm still in recovery from the 6 week tryst that broke my loving soul. Now it's time to let this guy down and I don't want to do it!
I've tried. I've really tried to look past the fact that I shiver at the thought of him touching me. That his cologne disgusts me. How he manages to offend all five of my senses. I've tried to overlook these things because we really do have a lot in common. We use the same made-up words, listen to the same music, watch the same shows. Our favorite bar happens to be the same obscure pub! On paper things look perfect.... well, as long as his cologne hasn't wafted near the paper... 
We've gone on half a dozen dates. He finally kissed me. It was horrible. Awful really. I'm still happy it's over. 
Now it's time to end the rest of the deal. And I gotta let him off easy. I don't want to inspire a blog, or break a loving soul. Not again. But unlike the Vajayjay I will tell him I'm not interested. Only true Vajayjays back away slowly until they disappear altogether.

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