Monday, May 2, 2011

thin line between lust and date

a good match at last, i think...
he makes me cry laughing, smart, successful, educated, loves hip hop music, reality tv, exercises regularly... but i don't want to jump him. i don't even really wanna hold his hand.
is this a game of mind over "does it really matter"?
we are so comfortable together. i feel really in tune with him. no sign of psychosis after 3 long fabulous dates. he hasn't even tried to kiss me. nothing more than a hug. maybe he feels the same way?
after years of dating duds who flip my switch, i think it's time to go for the guy who entertains my brain. looking forward to the next date, and hopefully a first kiss.


  1. oh good luck!!! xoxoxoxo here's to a really sweet first kiss.

  2. I like the sound of this one....Getcha some entertainin in the membrane!
    I don't like the sounda Kenzaloo beating me to the FIRST comment sectin. Damnit! Good luck with this sweet huggin boy.

  3. it was one of those jaw-breaking, oddly dry-but-wet/thick tongued, tight lipped kisses that nightmares are made of. one for the books.